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Brazil is extremely beautiful and with surreal landscapes. To get out of the traditional route of all travelers, how about exploring the northern region of Brazil?

We made a selection of seven of the most amazing destinations there, each with its own unique features. Jot down all the tips and put your favorite places on your travel wishlist!


Presidente Figueiredo

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Presidente Figueiredo is a super special corner of Amazonas, located very close to the center of Manaus. The most interesting of this municipality are the waterfalls – more than 100 scattered throughout the region.

Those who like nature and are always ready for a trail will love to know the place, which also has enchanting caves and caves. Among the tours that cannot be missed from the itinerary are the Refugio Maroaga Cave and the Iracema Waterfall.

Alter do Chão

Some say that Alter do Chão is the “Brazilian Caribbean”. We haven’t been there yet, so we can’t confirm that statement. However, this is a very common perception of all people who know the place.

The English newspaper The Guardian, for example, considered Alter as one of the 10 places with the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The strip of sand is white and the color of the water is surreal! To make the most of the trip, make an appointment to travel between August and November.


Also in the Amazon, Manaus is that kind of place that everyone should know at least once in a lifetime. The local culture is unique and leaves anyone surprised, especially when it comes to gastronomy. There are many different and exciting flavors, colors and smells!

Although the heat is very intense, you can enjoy the beautiful walks quietly. Just keep your body hydrated and carry some snacks in your bag.

Marajó Island


What do you think about visiting the largest river island in the world? Marajó Island, located in Pará, is bathed not only by the Amazon River and the Tocantinss River, but also by the Atlantic Ocean.

The fauna and flora of the region are wonderful, so all walks around the region are extremely enriching. Another very different reason to visit is the buffalo – the place has the largest herd of these animals!


Being known mainly for ecotourism, the region is perfect for those who love more rustic and simple destinations.

The main attractions of the park, besides the traditional dunes, are the boilers, waterfalls and rock formations. It’s the ideal type of trip for people who want to spend time offline, seeking greater contact with nature.

Anavilhanas Archipelago

Also in the Amazon is the Anavilhanas Archipelago – one of the largest sets of river islands in the world! If you enjoy boating, for example, this could be the dream destination. In the dry season, however, the waters recede and the beaches begin to form.

The archipelago was transformed into a National Park in 2008 and has since become one of the state’s top attractions. Each type of tour depends on the season you are. Between September and January, the grace of the archipelago rests on the beaches. From February to August, boat rides are the most popular tours.