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The E190-E2 jet, showing the shark painting on the fuselage, kicks off
the demonstration tour in China on Thursday, Nov. 1. This initiative, which
ends on November 20, is part of the E190-E2 demonstration world tour.
The aircraft will visit several challenging airports in China to show off the
capabilities of the quietest, cleanest and most efficient single-aisle aircraft
in the industry, especially when operating in demanding markets.
The China tour follows successful presentations in the United States, 
Africa, Europe and more recently in the Asia Pacific region where the 
E190-E2 demonstrated excellent long-range capability on almost six-hour
flights. The demonstration tour also includes the debut of the aircraft at the
12th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, which will take 
place Nov. 6-11 in Zhuhai city, southern China.
The E190-E2 is the first of three new E-Jets E2 that Embraer has developed
to succeed its first-generation E-Jets. Between November 6-8, the aircraft will
be on static display. Embraer will also have a booth where it will present a 
unique virtual reality experience of the E2 E-Jets.

"China is the second largest market for E-Jets. We deliver 153 commercial
aircraft in the region, which means that E2 Jets have a huge base to 
develop. At the end of this year, Embraer will deliver the first E190-E2 to 
Fuzhou Airlines, our launch customer of the E2 E-Jets in China. The efficiency
and reliability of the E2 E-Jets will enable airlines to grow profitably and open
up new markets, "said Guo Qing, Embraer Commercial Aviation Sales and 
Marketing Director for China. First-generation E-Jets riders need only 2.5 days
of training and no need for a complete flight simulator to pilot E2, which lowers
the training load and saves time and money for airlines. The E2 cockpit features
advanced Honeywell Primus Epic 2 integrated avionics. Along with fly-by-wire
controls, systems work together to improve aircraft performance, decrease pilot
workload, and enhance flight safety. From the passenger's point of view, the 
E2's cabin features a comfortable two-seat layout on either side of the aisle.
The absence of a seat in the middle allows passengers to have a pleasant flight
experience with more legroom and luggage storage.