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The founder of Jetblue and Azul Airlines, David Neeleman, says he is

ready for the competitors of its new American airline, which will start

flying in 2021. “I’m just going to do things they cannot do,” says

Neeleman, adding that Azul will feed traffic to the new airline, initially

called Moxy. “There are some things that competitors can not do

structurally. Because I own Azul, it can support me in Brazil, doing what

it will never do for anyone else, because I control the company,” Neeleman

points out. He also says the new company will fly hundreds of routes,

most of them without competition. “I doubt we have a single route that has

any competition,” he says. The new airline will fly from the United States to

Europe and South America, avoiding competitors’ hubs. Among the planned

routes, the executive highlights a flight from Florida to cities in northern

Brazil, for example. Neeleman also mentioned that the company could fly to

US destinations such as Scranton, Pennsylvania. The A220-300 that the

airline will use has the ability to take off from short runways and can fly for

11 hours. Jetblue has ordered 60 of these aircraft, which are expected to

arrive in 2020, with an order forecast of another 60 to 2025.