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David Neeleman founder of JetBlue airlines is planning to launch new airlines with new technologies, he is likely to name it Moxy, he said “I am ready for when competitors try to crush my proposed new U.S. low cost carrier when it starts flying 2021, I will do stuff they can’t do, he added that Brazil Azul will feed traffic to the new airline Moxy.

He further said that “there are some things structurally they can’t do, Because I own Azul, Azul can handle me in Brazil. They can feed me; they can do all the stuffs that they will never do for anyone else because I control the company.

He claimed that name of the new airline Moxy is just a rumor and it will fly hundreds of routes without any competition. “I doubt we will have single route that has any competition. He informed that the airline will fly from the U.S. to Europe and South America avoiding competetior hubs. For this neeleman is going to use A220-A300 which can fly short runways and can fly nonstop 11 hours.

He said that the airline will fly from Florida to cities in northern Brazil, he also added that the airlines are going to fly northeast U.S. like Scranton, Pennsylvania etc.

Neeleman added that the airline hub will be likely be based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The goal of the new airline is to have fully functional app, he said that we have plenty of time to develop that because it would not be flying for a few years.

He added “you don’t have to speak to us, you won’t be able to call us, you will be able to chat with us and we will call you to solve your queries. The airline will use chat for initial customers and the agent will call back the customers to resolve the issues, on the other hand, booking, cancellation and ordering of meal will be automated through app.

Over this neeleman said that the passengers have to check in the airport by using their mobile phones because there would not be another option to do so.

Neeleman said the airline is not going to name it Moxy, because it is acquired by some other firm so their will trouble in registering the name.

“I could call this airline crap and people will love it because of the way I am going to treat them, with the new Air bus 220-300 a single aisle aircraft which the airline will fly with the help of this the airlines will get the passenger to their destination twice as fast for half the price. Airline is preparing to lease and buy the aircrafts, company has placed an order of 60 plane which are due to arrive in 2020 after the completion of this order company Is planning to order 60 more in 2025.

Neelman claimed that the airplane is low maintenance low cost plane, as compared to old planes which need high maintenance, the new plane come with the feature of lower fuel burn and longer range, A220-300 also features huge window with extra leg room seats.

Neeleman added that he is not sure he would ever take the new airlines public in term pf an initial public offering. Citing the high investor interest in the enterprise. He said that he doesn’t want to deal with private equity and venture capital investors. Instead, he would rather have the airline remain private, generate cash and share the cash with the employees.

When asking about the strategy of promoting the upcoming airline he said lower price and flying time is enough to create the BUZZ in the market.