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Embratur defined this week the creation of a Working Group (WG) to improve and define strategies aimed at “strengthening and improving Brazilian aviation“. The objective is to consolidate the air transport sector and “boost competitiveness at international and national levels”. The initiative brings together members from Abear, Iata, the Joint Parliamentary Front for Tourism Defense, MTur, Anac and the Civil Aviation Secretariat.

The decision was made during a meeting between Embratur’s president and chief marketing officer, Gilson Machado Neto and Osvaldo Matos, respectively, Abear’s president Eduardo Sanovicz, Iata’s director of foreign relations in Brazil, Marcelo Pedroso, the president of Frentur, Herculano Passos, and MTur’s national secretary for Interinstitutional Integration, Bob Santos.

According to the president of Embratur, the goal is to unlock bottlenecks and formulate an official document that will be delivered to the presidency with the main obstacles that impede the growth of the Brazilian air network. “At the request of President Jair Bolsonaro, we held the first WG meeting that will effectively address industry issues. We will point out the biggest problems that Brazilian aviation presents and deliver in the hands of President Bolsonaro, who fought a tireless fight for the improvement of Brazil’s air sector, ”says Neto.

The president of Abear, Eduardo Sanovicz, made himself available to the federal government to reformulate the sector. “Among the main changes, we advocate the reduction of the ICMS tax on aviation fuel, which is essential to ensure cheaper fares on domestic flights, the updating of the Brazilian Aeronautics Code, the revision of labor legislation for the sector, among others. The world is changing and Brazil needs to keep up with this evolution. ”

According to Frentur president, Deputy Herculano Passos, “the group will have the mission to build guidelines to reduce bottlenecks and improve the quality of service for the Brazilian people.” The WG will start working together next week.