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Before you book your Brazil Airpass, know some important facts about the country. Once you purchase the ticket, you can’t change your mind once you’re in the air. If you want to get the most out of your air ticket, book as soon as possible to ensure that your tickets are not sold out. Brazil is one of the best vacation destinations south of the United States, and air travel is the perfect way to get there!

Brazilians drive fast

Driving in Brazil requires a heightened sense of safety. Most major cities have strict speed limits and radar speed signs are common. In Brazil, speed is measured in kilometres per hour, and 100 kph is 60 mph. Drivers can also expect to share the road with other drivers, and it’s common to see a rash of accidents. Traffic in major cities is very congested, and buses and trains can be overcrowded during rush hour.

They are conservative

In recent years, Brazil’s air travel policy has become more conservative as more conservative political forces have gained power. This has led to more expensive flights and fewer domestic flights, which is why travelers should plan ahead and take advantage of the best deals. Luckily, there are many ways to save money on air travel in Brazil, including the use of public transportation. Listed below are some ways to save on air travel in Brazil.

They are friendly

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for your air fare to fly in Brazil, and the locals are surprisingly welcoming. The airports are easy to navigate, and the people are friendly, but be aware of the holiday periods, when Brazilian flights will be booked up. However, holiday periods are very popular for Brazilian holidays, and you’ll probably want to avoid traveling during those times.

They are beautiful

If you’ve never been to Brazil before, you’re in for a treat! The country boasts an impressive socio-economic disparity and is ranked 7th in the Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires, yet the minimum wage is $0.90 per hour! While 210 million people create a number of social issues, travelers can take some precautions to avoid trouble. Here are some tips for traveling in Brazil:

They are cheap

One of the best parts of traveling to Brazil is that air travel is inexpensive. You can take advantage of special discounts when you book your air tickets online. Airlines pass on the savings by offering lower overhead booking fees. To make your air travel in Brazil cheaper, you should sign up for CheapOair’s newsletter. To save more money, travel early. Tickets can be booked months in advance, but are worth the money in the end.

They are safe

While the overall climate of Brazil is relatively safe, the rainy season (November to July) can be risky due to landslides and severe storms. During these times, anti-malarial medications may be prescribed for travelers. In addition, HIV/AIDS remains a serious health threat in Brazil. Besides the usual vaccines, travelers must adhere to certain health protocols before and during their stay in the country.