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The best ways to save money with Latam Airlines in Brazil include booking online and looking for last-minute deals. If you can’t find the best deals, you can try looking for cheap round-trip flights, redeployment of aircraft, and discount fares. Here are the best ways to save money on your next Latam Airlines flight. Read on to find out more.

Cheap last-minute deals

If you are looking for cheap last-minute deals with Latam Airlines, you are in luck! The airline connects cities around the world. Buying plane tickets on Sundays is a great way to get a cheap airfare to the destination of your choice. International air travel is usually expensive on Mondays and Fridays. However, you can still get some cheap tickets to South America on Sundays by following the tips listed below.

Online booking

You can now book a flight on LATAM Airlines in Brazil online. To book a flight, simply log onto the airline’s website and click the “Booking” tab. Here, you can enter your departure and arrival dates, amount, and any additional facility. You can then choose whether to pay online or by telephone or bank transfer. Once you’ve selected the method of payment, the system will complete your reservation.

Redeployment of aircraft

LATAM Airlines in Brazil has resumed flights to Spain and London next week, with 787 aircraft being deployed as replacements on their routes. The airline also switched the rotational operation of two Boeing 777 aircraft to accommodate the increased traffic. The 777s had been operating on the trunk long-haul routes before the coronavirus outbreak struck. The airline had remodeled the aircraft’s cabins for better onboard comfort.

Discounts on round-trip flights

Are you interested in flying cheaply across South America? If so, you’ll want to look into round-trip flights with LATAM Airlines. This airline serves destinations in South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and more. Its extensive network makes it possible for passengers to travel to almost any country without any hassle. Whether you need to fly to a regional city or a faraway one, there’s a cheap round-trip flight with LATAM Airlines.


If you are traveling to Brazil, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll find a number of ATMs at the airport. They’re located near the arrivals area and you can use either foreign or Brazilian currency. While there aren’t ATMs at every airport, you can always withdraw cash at any location where you can use your card. Before you leave, check that the ATMs have the same logo as your credit card. Keep in mind that there may be restrictions or fees associated with withdrawals. Also, be aware of ATMs that only accept certain types of cards. Fortunately, Latam Airlines offers foreign currency ATMs, both in larger airports and at hotels. Generally, smaller shops do not have these machines.

Promo codes

When you need to buy a ticket for a trip to Brazil, there are many ways to save money. There are plenty of LATAM Airlines promo codes to choose from. Some of these are hand-picked and updated frequently, while others are only available on a limited basis. Some even have an expiration date, so make sure to check that too! Listed below are some ways to save money on your trip to Brazil.