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Gol Linhas Aéreas will implement as of October 10, a new model of
accumulation of miles in their domestic and international flights.According to the company, the novelty simplifies the accrual rules for customers since the calculation of accrued miles per flight will be easier. For domestic flights, the calculation is done by the value of the ticket and not by the distance of the flight. On the Flexible rate, US$ 1.00 equals three miles, and in the Scheduled rate, US$1.00 corresponds to two miles . In the previous model, The Scheduled tariffs and Flexible tariffs accumulated 100 % and 125 %, respectively, based on the distance between the source and target flown.
Promotional rates do not earn miles, because, according to the company , ” already offer benefits in prices .”As for international flights the basis for mileage accrual remains the distance between origin and final destination . Today, the passenger receives at least 5000 miles on flights to the United States, 3000 to Central America and the Caribbean and a thousand miles to South America. For codeshare flights there is no minimum, but
connections will also be considered for mileage accumulation .According to the company , the goal is to retain even more passengers that have a
different profile for the frequency and pattern of consumption.

“The practice is consistent with the best Global Frequent Flyer Program’s strategy
to increase the attractiveness of the product to the passenger who is more loyal to the company. The new model honors and rewards those fliers and is more loyal customer Gol / Smiles, highlighting the categories loyalty Gold and Diamond . “After the implementation of the new model, Diamond Smiles customers now have a
minimum start accumulation of a thousand miles in any flight company,
except for promotional fares on domestic flights .” We continue to offer bonuses for different categories of fidelity in both
domestic and international flights . Smiles Diamond customers receive 100% more on the accumulated miles, Gold 50% and Silver and 25%.
. “The airline believes that the change will encourage customers to accumulate more miles flown and redeem award tickets more often.