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Gol Airlines announced on Friday that revenue per seat offered on their
flights grew by 24 % in August over the same month last year, supported
by further reduction of supply and increase ticket prices .

The expansion was the highest one since May last year, while the
yield indicator ( airfare prices ) rose 33 % in August from a year
earlier, getting between 24 and 24.5 cents.

Revenue growth indicator known in the industry as PRASK, was well above the 9%
increase in average fuel prices over the same period last year, informed the
company, which focuses on an uptrend in the prices of fuels and
lubricants in coming months .

Facing a slow economic growth and strategy to increase the company’s
profitability, passenger demand for flights in the group fell 11.5%
over August 2012 and 12.2% in comparison with July . The offer, retreated 5.1% and 6.1 % under the same comparisons .

In the domestic segment, Gol said demand fell 13.8 % in August compared to the same period last year . On international flight , however, grew by 17 % , despite the devaluation of the real against the dollar .

In terms of supply, the domestic segment found annual fall of 7.6 % in August while international jumped to 22.4 % .

However in the monthly comparison, the international segment showed
double-digit declines in both supply and demand, 19.2% and 28.7%,
respectively. At home, the falls were less intense, from 4.3% to 10% of supply and demand .

Fewer flights – In June , Gol has expanded its target of cutting supply in
the domestic market from 7% to 9 % in 2013, in response to the poor
performance of the economy and rising fuel costs .

Despite efforts to cut supply, the group ended August with an occupancy rate
of 66.2 % compared to 71 % in the same period of 2012.