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The Office of Consumer Protection of the Federal District ( DF-Procon )
warned yesterday Sept 16, fans wishing to purchase tickets for games of
the World Cup 2014, in case of withdrawal after purchase, will be
charged 30% of the amount paid.

The measure is forseen in the regulation of the International Football
Federation ( FIFA ), which justified the charging of fees to “cover
administrative costs incurred due to cancellation “, and ”
reduced chance to resell tickets and any damages, including lost profits, which may be suffered by FIFA due to the cancellation . ”

According to the regulation, is not permitted partial cancellation of tickets.
If the consumer wants to cancel the purchase of a ticket, it will be canceled with all packages requested by him in that match. And such a request must be made within 48 hours before the game.

The Consumer Protection Code guarantees a period of seven days to withdraw,
with immediate return of the amounts paid, the transactions made by
telephone, internet or similar means, off-premises. The Institute, however, said the rule does not apply in the case of purchase of tickets for the World Cup. According to Procon-DF, the organization is supported by the General Law of the Cup, which gives autonomy to this decision. The refund fee is also forseen, but the Procon-DF explains that still will record and forward fans complaints to FIFA.