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The presidents of Delta Air Lines, Ed Bastian, and Gol, Paul Kakinoff,
celebrate the results of 20 months of strategic alliance between the two
airlines. According Kakinoff, this is just the beginning of the partnership. “This
alliance has generated a significant increase in passenger traffic.
Today, 28% of all Delta customers traveling to Brazil follow its
final destination flying Gol. This represents an increase of almost 100%
in traffic over the years before. “”Our strategic partnership with Gol represents a significant improvement in
Delta’s network, providing access to 23 destinations in Brazil,” said Ed
Bastian, who is in the country for meetings with Gol and trade. “The
codeshare agreement will continue to be expanded based on pending
regulatory approvals. Delta and Gol provide a network between Brazil and
the United States that can not be surpassed by any other U.S. airline.”Currently, Gol offers its customers access to five markets that Delta meets
between the United States and Brazil, with flights  Brasília–Atlanta, Rio de Janeiro–Atlanta e São Paulo–Atlanta, Detroit e Nova York/JFK.. In
addition, Gol’s customers from Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Goiânia and Porto
Alegre have access to Atlanta and soon also the Detroit and New York.The two companies have also initiated a marketing campaign. Passengers traveling with Gol will see the Delta logo and the phrase “in partnership with Delta” near the gate of the aircraft. All Gol aircrafts will carry the Delta brand, according to a statement from the two companies, but it was not specified how it will display.Another cornerstone of the alliance, according to the same statement, is sharing sites. In April, Delta moved from Terminal 1, Wing A, to Terminal 2, Wing C’s Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo. The goal is to facilitate connectivity and dispatch process of luggage after customs clearance, since GOL’s counters are located immediately after the exit from the customs control.

“We want to provide an outstanding service area at check-in and
better signaling to improve customer experience and access to VIP
lounges,” said Paul Kakinoff. “GOL has a significant presence in major airports and along with Delta, we will continue to deliver a great experience to our customers.”