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GOL has already started its flights to Orlando from Brazil and now it has also started its flights to Miami. After a gap of almost 2 years, the air travel in Brazil is not just boosting up but also the international routes are also getting restored. As of now, the international flights from Brazil to different parts of the USA are getting restored slowly. 

GOL Flight from Brasilia to Miami

GOL Airlines has started its flights from Brasilia to Miami through Boeing 737 Max which has a capacity of holding as many as 176 passengers at a single time. It took about 7 hours for the flight to reach Miami from Brasilia. 

The airline has stated that the regular flights between the two destinations will start in July 2022. Apart from the destination of Miami, many other destinations such as Orlando will be covered by the flights of GOL from July 2022 itself. 

One of the most popular Brazilian airlines, GOL will be operating its flights between the destinations of Brasilia and Miami about four days a week and the days will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. 


GOL Restoring International Routes 

Similar to many other airlines across the globe, GOL was also affected due to the pandemic situation and it had to stop its international routes. It is almost after 2 years that the airline company is slowly restoring its international routes from different airports in Brazil

According to the situation before the pandemic, GOL use to serve as many as 26 international destinations way back in the year 2019. But all of these came to a halt due to the pandemic situation and the ban on Brazil by different countries. 

Soon, Brazil introduced several safety protocols to keep the spread of the virus at bay and this motivated many countries such as the USA to open their routes from Brazil. Many airlines along with GOL have taken this opportunity to restore their international routes once again. As of now, GOL is able to restore as many as 11 different international routes from Brazil. It is aiming at many other international routes that it served 2 years back. 

Some of the essential destinations that GOL needs to resume back at are Santiago in Chile, Quito in Ecuador, and Mendoza in Argentina. The airline company is on its feet to offer the routes once again to its passengers so that the operations on different international routes can get back to normal as before once again.