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GOL Linhas Aereas lands in the United States on Dec 15, with service from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to Miami and Orlando, vi a unusual connection in Santo Domingo, in the Domenican Republic.

Both flights depart Rio and Sao Paulo simultaneously to Santo Domingo,where passengers may change planes, and then one flight go to Orlando, and the other one to Miami.

The new service will certainly cater more to the growing Brazilian travel public vacationing in Orlando and Miami, and also those going to the Caribbean country, which is becoming a popular destination in Brazil, because of its attractive and reasonably priced resorts.

In the US, the carrier has introduced some aggressive fares starting at $399 + taxes for a round trip ticket, and $199 + tax for a one way.

Cecilia Marques, from online travel agency that specializes in travel to Brazil says, “we haven’t seen prices as low as these since the days when there was more competition and we had at least five carriers flying non stop from Miami to Brazil. Lately with only TAM and America Airlines offering service to Brazil, and the Brazilian economy doing well, prices have gone up a lot. It is great that we have more options and lower fares to our clients”.