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Like many other countries across the world, Brazil also happened to suffer a lot during the Covid pandemic times. Though till now, the danger of the infection is not been completely wiped out, different countries have come up with solutions to curb the spread and manage the situation in a better way now. Among various countries across the world, Brazil is also one such country that has struggled a lot and now is ready to make a comeback. 

Struggles Faced by Brazil Aviation Industry

Tourism is one of the major industries in Brazil. But due to the pandemic, many tourism events such as the music festival and others came to a halt for almost 2 continuous years. Due to this, the number of domestic as well as international tourists also decreased, which deeply impacted the finances of air travel in Brazil

Also, many countries such as the USA banned flights to and from Brazil due to the high number of covid cases. This once again caused an impact on the international travel that used to bring in major revenue for the aviation industry in Brazil.

Steps taken by Brazil

In recent months, Brazil took a number of potential steps to recover from the situation. This led to fruitful results that helped in controlling the impactful situation of the country. 

Major airports in Brazil were equipped with special security so that no passenger without a proper vaccination document can board any flight. This step was quite appreciated by different countries and also the USA opened gates for Brazil flights when the covid cases started decreasing soon. 

As the flow of passengers started, the Government allowed to start in-flight services with proper security so that most Brazilian airlines can provide the basic and necessary facilities to the passengers by taking care of the eminent health security concerns.

Initiatives have been taken also by some major airline companies in Brazil to start recovering the international routes that were lost in the last 2 years. Major companies such as LATAM Airlines in Brazil have been continuously working on resetting the international routes that existed before and also coming up with new routes that can connect Brazil to many other international countries of the world. 

Moreover, Brazil had a tough time during the last 2 years of the pandemic crisis and faced several losses, especially in the aviation industry. But now it is coming back on its track slowly and steadily with potential steps that it is taking.