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Brazil is home to some of the topmost airline companies such as Azul Airlines and others that are known to serve not just the domestic routes but also the international routes to and from the country. 

There are so many countries across the world that has great connectivity with Brazil due to varied reasons. Here is a list of some famous international destinations from where Brazil expects passengers. 


According to statistical records, it was Argentina that was in the topmost position on the list of international countries connected to Brazil. In the year 2019, as many as 29,000 flights flew to Argentina from Brazil and vice versa. A lot of people prefer to travel to Argentina from Brazil for vacation purposes. Similarly, the number of people traveling from Argentina to Brazil is also huge as per the records. 


After Argentina, the second most high-in-demand country from Brazil is the USA. It is on record that in the year 2019, as many as 22,500 flights flew to and from Brazil. A lot of people travel from Brazil to the USA for varied reasons such as higher education, work purposes, and even for vacation. On the other hand, there are also a number of tourists from the USA who choose Brazil to be their perfect vacation destination. 

European Countries

The next destination on the list of a huge cluster of countries. There are so many European countries where tourists from Brazil travel. Some of the important names that can be taken from European countries are London, Frankfurt, and Miami. Similar to the USA, different tourists from these European countries also visit Brazil for several occasions such as the music festival and others. 


Canada is another important international destination that has to be on this list due to the higher number of traveling of passengers between Canada and Brazil over the last few years. Citizens from both countries travel for varied reasons such as higher studies, vacations, and others. 

The list actually does not end up. There are also so many other countries too apart from the above-mentioned one that is easily connected to Brazil. Some other countries that are easily accessed by passengers from Brazil are the countries in the Middle East.


 During the covid pandemic, many international routes were closed. But now most Brazilian airlines are restoring all these routes in order to provide a smoother transit to the international passengers of Brazil as well as other countries.