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The Brazilian carnival is famous throughout the world due to its colourful elements and energetic events. Every year thousands of tourists from different corners of the world visit Brazil just to be a part of the carnival and witness the events all in front of them. Also, different airlines such as Azul airlines start getting booked a few weeks before the carnival itself. 

But as the pandemic hit the world, it showed its impact on the Brazilian carnival too. The carnival was suspended for the last 2 years. But as the regulations for tourism are getting a bit eased up, the country is all set to come up with the carnival once again. 

The Carnival

Amidst covid risks, the carnival was suspended this year also but soon pressure from the tourism industry started coming up. Many artists and other individuals wait for the carnival to happen as it is their source of income. Thus, after brainstorming a lot, the carnival that was about to happen in the month of February this year was organized at April end. It took place from 20th April to 30th April. 

Like before, the streets of Rio de Janerio were lit up by decorations, Samba dancers, music troupes, and other artists. The carnival took place with the same pomp and show as it used to happen earlier and a spike in the booking of Brazilian airlines and others have been also noticed.  

The Tourists

Though the carnival this year was not able to attract much of international tourists, the domestic tourists managed to crowd up the place. According to the hotel records, hotels in Rio de Janeiro were occupied by about 90% during the carnival period, 

In order to keep a check on the transmission of covid infection due to the crowd, the Brazil airports made sure to maintain a proper checklist for both domestic as well as international tourists. 

Future Tourism in Brazil

Earlier Brazil was facing difficulty in managing covid cases but now with its strong determination, a lot has come under control. The vaccination drive has accelerated and the authorities of air travel in Brazil are maintaining strict regulations for passengers moving in or out of Brazil. 

It is due to the restrictions imposed by different countries on Brazil, that the country has suffered a lot in its tourism sector which has definitely impacted the financial condition of the country. But slowly, Brazil is improving its situation so that the tourism industry can get boosted soon. Different airlines such as Latam airlines in joining hands with other international airlines to offer smoother transit to the passengers.