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As the world has eased out the restrictions on Covid recently, many countries have been encouraging tourism better than before. So, Brazil has also now opened its door to tourists from different parts of the world, most importantly from the UAE. Thus, many Brazilian airlines have been offering different deals and discounts for travel. 

New Covid Regulations in Brazil

Earlier many countries such as the US had put restrictions on Brazil due to the increased risk of covid. But recently, as the US has eased out the restrictions, Brazil has opened doors for tourism for different countries now. 

Also, Brazil has made certain special regulations so that the risk of covid transmission can be reduced. According to the Brazil Government, all the tourists who are either entering Brazil or are moving out of Brazil should be fully vaccinated against Covid. Also, all the tourists will have to show proper vaccination documentation at the Brazilian airports

Important Tourism Spots in Brazil

Tourists from different parts of the world visit Brazil for some of the specific tourist spots and options such as LATAM airlines Brazil have been serving in this. Some of these spots that have been attracting tourists to Brazil are:

  •  Salvador:

Salvador is the spot that invites tourists to witness the traditional and cultural heritage of the country. This place offers not just historic memories through architectural richness and art but also offers an amazing choice of cuisine. 

  • Rio de Janerio:

If you are someone who wishes to enjoy a happy atmosphere, Rio de Janerio is the best option to go for. This spot offers a lot of beaches and super energetic events to offer you an experience that is worth enjoying. 

  • Manaus:

Brazil also offers a lot of flora and fauna and the best spot to enjoy such natural elements in the country is Manaus. Manaus is home to Amazon culture that again attracts people from different corners of the world for the purpose of tourism. 

Why Brazil is Inviting Tourists?

Why suddenly Brazil is inviting tourists from different parts of the world such as the UAE? Apart from the places of interest discussed above, one of the major reasons to invite tourism to Brazil is the combination of cultures available here. 

Along with the Brazilian culture, the country also has adopted other cultures from South America. Thus, tourists who wish to experience a diverse country with different cultures, Brazil is the perfect place to go for. This has surely boosted air travel in Brazil