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The new variant of coronavirus is once again spreading out to different parts of the world alerting the travelers once again. But with rapid vaccination campaigns and the prevention measures that are taken seriously, things have become a bit smoother than before. 

In regards to this, recently the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have re-classified the list of countries to travel to for the safety and convenience of the citizens. The US has now removed Brazil from its list of non-recommended countries for travel and has updated its position. This has surely encouraged air travel in Brazil

The New List

The US has come up with a new list in which there are some changes in the countries that are recommended for travel. According to this new reclassified list, changes have been made to the recommendation of about 89 countries across the world recently. 

The Categories Set

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have arranged earlier four list of countries depending upon the risk factor of Covid. 

Level 1 – Low risk of covid transmission

Level 2 – Medium risk of covid transmission

Level 3 – High risk of covid transmission

Level 4 – Not recommended for travel

Currently, CDC has updated all the countries from Level 4 to Level 3. This means, by now there are no countries now in the category of Level 4. Such a change has also offered a sign of relief for many airlines such as Azul airlines and others that are carriers of passengers to and from Brazil, connecting other countries of the world such as the US. 

Brazil – No More in Non-Recommended Countries List

Earlier Brazil was there in Level 4 and was not recommended for travel. But now CDC has made changes and has updated various countries such as Brazil, Russia, Japan, France, United Kingdom, and many others from Level 4 to Level 3. In total, there are as many as 89 countries that have been removed from the level of non-recommended countries to the level of high-risk countries. 

This means, now these countries such as Brazil can be visited now but with proper precautions. Also, travelers from Brazil can now enter the United States but with the condition that they should have taken proper vaccination against Covid. Due to the change in this regulation, many travelers are planning up for Brazil tourism and in the coming days, there are chances that the bookings for Brazilian airlines may soar up. 

While CDC has upgraded Brazil for travel, it has also advised the country to take proper care to avoid covid spread. This also include strict regulations and rules at the Brazilian airports for the safety of the passengers.