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The ongoing scenario of Covid has devastated the tourism business of many countries across the world currently. Whenever there is a surge in infection cases, most countries start freezing their airway services to block the chances of transmission. In such a case, many countries that depend exclusively on tourism have been facing huge trouble. 

But now with the increased vaccination drive, most countries are opening their gates to international tourism this year. In the midst of all such situations, the World Report conducted a survey of the best tourism destinations in the world in which Brazil came to the top of the list. 

Surely, this survey result has motivated many tourists from different parts of the world to plan their next vacation trip to Brazil. The sale of tickets for different airlines such as Latam Airlines Brazil has started soaring lately. 

The Survey Result

World Report and US News came up with this survey in which Brazil left behind 78 other countries and became the best tourism destination for adventurous activities in the world. 

There were 100 different parameters in which the country stood up in 80 parameters. Overall, Brazil was voted to be in the 13th position in terms of different categories such as cultural heritage, adventure, and many others. 

How did Brazil secure this place?

Earlier, Brazil was struggling even to spread its tourism because of the alarming number of covid cases in the country. But recently, the country has taken massive actions such as increasing the vaccination drive speed, tightening security at the Brazilian airports, and others. This has led many countries such as the US to remove restrictions on Brazil that have surely improved the international ticket sales of various airlines such as Brazilian Airlines

Brazil is not just for its untouched scenic beauty but also for cultural diversity. Also, the adventurous activities taking place in different parts of the country are another reason to attract tourists from different corners of the world. Whether you are in the happening spot Rio de Janerio or at a secluded location Botas, the land is all known to offer you a wide range of tourist attractions to experience and enjoy. All you need to get along with the best options of air travel in Brazil to enjoy a splendid vacation with your friends and family here. 

It seems it is the perfect time for planning your adventure trip in Brazil. Start searching for the best deals at options such as Azul Airlines and gather some amazing memories to cherish throughout your life.