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Flughafen Zurich, one of the well-known Swiss groups is all set to participate in the upcoming Brazil Airport Concessions round. Brazil will be starting the auction program soon and the Swiss market along with many others has shown extreme interest in the concession program lately. 

The Brazil Airport Concessions

The airport concessions program in Brazil started almost a decade ago and now it is in its final stage. Different national airports will be in this year’s concession program such as the Congonhas Airport of Sao Paulo which is also one of the premier national airport facilities in the country, serving passengers with different Brazilian Airlines

While some of the best Brazilian airports will be there in the concession program this year, the domestic airport Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro will be available for the program in the upcoming years of 2023/ 2024. Along with the Santos Dumont airport, the Galeao airport will be also available for re-concession in the upcoming years. 

The Participants

As Brazil is opening up its airport concessions, a huge number of participants are eager enough to invest in some of the best airports in the country. Major participants who are interested in the program are from Europe as well as from Latin America. As per the records, alone Congonhos Airport has managed to attract more than 13 participants due to its premier facilities and other features. 

A surprising fact is that earlier some existing operators have documented issues at some of the airports. But these documented issues have also not stopped participants from different corners of the world to take part in the concession program that is soon about to start. 

The Interest of the Swiss Company

While there are many participants all set to be a part of the concessions program, the Swiss company Flughafen Zurich has shown extreme interest in the program. The company has an eye on as many as 15 airports in the entire country right now. 

Prior to this, the company already has a stronghold on many of the existing airports in different parts of Brazil such as Vitoria, Macae, and Florianopolis. The company also has a stake of about 12.5% in the Brazilian airport Confins airport. 

Experts have estimated that with the new Covid regulations started by Brazil, soon the air travel in Brazil should spike and by the year 2023, the traffic may match up to the traffic that was there in the year 2019.