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Brazil is home to some of the finest airports to and from a wide number of service providers such as Azul Airlines and others flies. While some airports are served by a good number of airlines, there are also some others, where still only a few airlines serve. 

Recently, LATAM Airlines Brazil has taken the initiative to increase its flights to many other domestic airports in the country apart from existing ones. This will surely offer better convenience and higher options to passengers to travel across the domestic cities of Brazil. 

The Recently Added Destination

The recent addition of a domestic destination in the schedule of LATAM is Sinop in Mato Grosso. On 3rd May 2022, flight number 3814 of LATAM flew from Brasilia to Sinop. The airlines declared that now there will be daily flights between these two Brazilian airports through the aircraft Airbus A319. The return flight from Sinop to Brasilia every day will be through LA3814. 

The addition of this new destination in the schedule of LATAM is even more important because it is the 50th destination in the domestic destinations list in Brazil served by the airlines. The flight flew with a capacity of 85% from Brasilia to Sinop and the airline is expecting that every day the capacity of the flights between these two destinations should be around 75%. 

50th Destination Celebration

LATAM celebrated the addition of the 50th destination in its list with its passengers also. All the passengers who booked flight tickets on the Brasilia to Sinop or the return flight were rewarded with 10,000 pass points. These pass points are specialty points offered by LATAM and the passengers can exchange these points not just for flight booking but also for other things such as shopping at selected stores in the country. 

What is LATAM Planning?

LATAM Airlines have been planning to conquer the routes of air travel in Brazil to offer a convenient and suitable journey to the citizens of the country. Thus, it is slowly increasing the number of airports to serve different parts of the country. 

By connecting Sinop, the airline has marked its 50th destination in the country. But now it has further plans to add more five destinations to its list by the end of this year. Surely, with the introduction of more flights serving different destinations, the airline will be able to serve more passengers, and also the citizens will have more options in hand than before.