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In today’s time also, the population at the Brazilian airports is not matching the population that used to be before the break of the pandemic covid. But due to different actions that are being taken, slowly the number of passengers traveling through these airports is gradually increasing. Such an increase in the population of passengers in recent days has also led to a number of benefits such as the successful auction of many of the popular airports in Brazil

What do the Statistics Say?

If we notice the statistics for the last 2 years, the highest number of passengers for domestic air travel in Brazil was in the month of April 2022, which was around 6.59 million. This statistical data was confirmed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Brazil. 

The authority also mentioned in its data that way back in the month of April 2019, that is before the start of the pandemic, the population of domestic passengers in Brazil was around 7.32 million. 

On the other hand, the number of international passengers traveling to and from Brazil was quite high, around 7.38 million in April 2022. This figure is not just the highest of this year but is also higher than the figures for April 2019. 

The Upcoming Plans

The Government in Brazil is trying hard to show progress in the airports of Brazil so that these domestic airports can get absolutely ready for their bidding which should start from the second half section of this year 2022. 

So, the increasing number of passengers is not just necessary for the overall growth of the country but also for the auction plans that the Government has set for several airports by now. This is absolutely necessary in order to avoid any conflicts that may arise after the auction of the airports is completed. Different forecasts are being shown to the participants and they will be bidding on the airports based on these forecasted figures. In order to have a smooth transition, it is essential that the airports are able to have a decent passenger flow that can match up with the forecasts shown. 

In this regard, there are now so many regulations set up in order to curb the further spread of covid infection so that passengers can gain confidence while traveling. Also, airline companies such as LATAM Airlines in Brazil and others are working quite well in restoring all the possible international destinations from Brazil.