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Brazil has been making news since the start of this year about the auction of several airports. Some of the airports were owned by the Government authorities till now while some others were already owned by private companies but require change now. While many such Brazilian airports have got successfully auctioned till now, there are a few that are facing trouble in a number of ways. Two such airports are in the destinations Sao Paulo and Rio Grande de Norte. 

Both the airports were managed by private owners for quite some time but by the start of this decade, both the private owners handed over the management to the Government in Brazil due to different reasons. 

What is the Next Plan?

After the private owners handed over the management of the airports way back somewhere in the year 2011, the Government planned to auction them for the second time in the year 2021. But this was not possible due to different reasons that are not known. 

But now again, there is some news about the auction of these airports from the head of the Investment Partnership Program of the Government of Brazil. According to this news, the management has planned to auction the Natal airport of Rio Grande de Norte will be now done after a delay of a year. Similarly, the auction of the Viracopos airport in Sao Paulo has to wait for a tenure of 2 years. 

The Conflict

As per the records, the earlier private owners of the airports have mentioned a specific reason for returning back the ownership of the airports to the Government. The previous private owner of the Natal airport mentioned that the forecast estimations that were sold before the auction did not actually match up with the real figures. Thus, it handed over the ownership to the Government and now the matter is under the watch of the Federal Accounts Court. Thus, this is one of the major reasons why the delay of the re-auction of the Natal airport is happening. 

But the reason for the delay of the auction of the other airport Viracopos is quite different from that of the delayed auction of the Natal airport. The delay of the auction of Viracopos airport is happening on the basis of compensation for investments and other related issues. 

The auction of the airports plays a major role in the working of air travel in Brazil. Now when the two major airports are under different conflicts, the re-auction has been delayed.