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ITA Airways has recently made a huge announcement about its codeshare agreement with one of the largest Brazilian airlines, Azul.  Both ITA, as well as Azul, is on the same page about the benefits that the passengers of Brazil as well as Italy will gain based on this codeshare agreement. 

The Agreement

ITA and Azul Airlines entered into the codeshare agreement on the 10th of June 2022. The details of the agreement are available also on the official channel of ITA Airlines. According to the agreement, the passengers of ITA Airlines will be benefitted in an extreme way to reach out to some of the major cities of Brazil. Also, it will be a beneficial option for the domestic passengers of Brazil, hence, making connections between the countries Italy and Brazil even stronger. 

ITA Airlines will now put up its agreement code ‘AZ’ on several domestic flights of Azul that will be operating to and from different Brazilian airports. The flights in the months of June and July will be operating on a weekly basis. But after two months, the flights will start operating on a daily basis from the month of August. 

Benefits Gained from the Codeshare Agreement

It is estimated that this codeshare agreement between both airlines will bring in a sufficient number of benefits for both countries. ITA with this agreement procedure will be able to have an access to domestic air travel in Brazil

Not just in the domestic cities of Brazil, but ITA is expecting exposure to many other countries too along with this codeshare. As Azul also flies to many international destinations such as in South America, ITA is expecting that with this agreement, the passengers of Italy will be able to reach out to the South American destinations in a much more convenient way now. The USA always has been an important destination not just for the purpose of tourism but also for other reasons such as cargo business as well as for business purposes. 

Apart from the connectivity benefits, this codeshare agreement has brought in several other benefits too for the passengers traveling by the codeshare flights. One such benefit is that the passengers will be able to enjoy thru baggage as well as check-in at the airports. 

Hence, the codeshare agreement has not just offered benefits for the two airline companies or the two countries but also has brought in a good number of benefits for the passengers who will be traveling through the codeshare flights.