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INFRAERO employees working in 63 airports nationwide began at midnight on
Wednesday to strike planned by union national airport (Sina). The
organization says the stoppage, decided two weeks ago and reported to
the federal government five days later, will have great adhesion and
only 30% of the workforce will work in activities considered essential,
as required by law.Early morning, however, the main airports managed by
Infraero, Congonhas, Sao Paulo, and Galeão in Rio de Janeiro, were
operating normally. There is no record of riots, queues or flights delays out of the ordinary. During the night, the union leadership and employees in São Paulo INFRAERO that joined the stoppage pasted posters strike at Congonhas Airport. At
Galeao in Rio, passengers reported great movement, but the flow of people is
attributed to the presence of pilgrims of World Youth Day, returning
home after the event.Despite the strike, also operate smoothly the airports of Salvador and Curitiba. In Porto Alegre, Salgado Filho Airport was closed to takeoffs and landings. The reason, however, is not a strike by INFRAERO employees but the fog that hits the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre. Until 6:15 a.m. three out of eight scheduled departures were canceled.Claims – The union of airport demands salary increase of 9.5% and improvements in benefits such as childcare assistance. Meetings
around the country were invited to this Wednesday to review proposals
submitted by Infraero and decide whether to strike or not to extend
beyond 24 hours. In a statement, Infraero denied that there are back wages and reduced benefits to workers and stated that “any statement to that effect is
intended to confuse the society.”

INFRAERO also announced a contingency plan and reported that will relocated employees to enhance care teams in hours of highest passenger movement and aircraft
on Wednesday to face a strike by employees of the sector. Brasilia and Guarulhos airports will not have downtime, they are administered by private companies.