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Tam Airlines today announced that it will lay off about a thousand of its 53,000 employees. The measure aims to circumvent the high costs caused by the increase in the dollar – and its impact on fuel expenses. The layoffs will occur mainly among pilots, copilots and commissioners. Check out the official press release:

“Tam Airlines informs that started on Tuesday negotiations with the National Union of Aeronauts about staff job cuts. This movement is located exclusively in the crew (pilots, copilots and commissioners) and will not affect other areas of the company. The adjustment will be less than a thousand jobs.
The purpose of the adjustment is to ensure the sustainability of the company’s business, which coexists with significant high costs (dollar and fuel), which led to lower supply, accumulated in 2011 so far, 12% in the domestic market. In this process, the company has published the major changes in the mesh.

This measure therefore aims to adapt the workforce to operational reality already in place. Tam declares that will lead the movement with full respect to legislation, collective agreement and its crew and passengers, maintaining its commitment to Brazil. None of the scheduled flights will be affected.

The company will continue to invest systematically and socially responsible manner in gain efficiency and creating value for employees, investors, customers and for society as a whole. “