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Autism is a major growing issue in different parts of the world today. The most difficult part is that not everyone is comfortable dealing with the situation or with such people suffering from the condition. One of the major challenges is dealing with such people during air travel. 

In relation to such a situation, LATAM Airlines has lately signed a contract with ADC so that the airline can train and certify its staff in dealing with autism-affected people during air travel throughout the world. Not just passengers, the idea is to even offer opportunities to such people in the work circle of LATAM. 

Certification to Deal with Autism in Brazil

LATAM is offering training and certification to deal with autism to its staff in different parts of the world now such as Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Chile. 

According to the training, there will be three levels of certification that will be offered to the staff. 

Autism Aware

Autism Ready

Autism Double-Checked

After the training is completed and the staff is offered a certification, they will be ready for handling in-flight passengers with Autism conditions. 

It is not an easy task to handle and manage people who have a condition of Autism. Of course, Autism is of different levels and types and again handling different patients is different based on the situation in which they are. The training will be provided in such a way that the crew members will be able to handle all types of Autism passengers who are traveling on the flight so that no issues happen mid-air. 

Next Steps for the Training Process

Currently, the training will be imparted to just the cabin crew staff and other such staff who will be dealing regularly with passengers involved in air travel in Brazil and other countries where LATAM operates. 

But the company has also mentioned that the training will be imparted even to the employees of other departments in the coming few months. The idea is to make all the employees of LATAM aware and trained in the condition so that everyone can easily take care of situations that involved passengers or any individuals dealing with Autism condition.

LATAM is making a great move towards society to break boundaries and enter a new world where the environment can be made more comfortable and convenient for those who have to deal with the difficult condition of Autism every day. Hopefully, this will lead to a better experience for those who are directly or indirectly dealing with such a condition.