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LATAM is always progressive with its use of technology in its operations. One such technology that the airline has been lately using is the use of drone systems for the inspection of its aircraft. The airline has taken this initiative to reduce the time taken for the purpose of aircraft inspection otherwise at one of the most famous airports in Brazil

Aircraft Maintenance in Brazil

Different airlines in Brazil have been taking different initiatives to curb the time and money invested in aircraft investigations without compromising quality. Recently, Azul airlines have been doing in-house repair and maintenance of their aircraft for the last 2 years and this way they were able to save as much as US$40 million. 

LATAM Airlines Brazil has also taken initiatives in the same direction but with a different approach. The MRO of LATAM is set up in Brazil’s Sao Carlos. This is where all the repair and maintenance work of the aircraft available with the airline takes place. The airline has been using drone systems lately for inspecting whether the maintenance work is going on in the right way or not. 

A few days back also, a video was released in which a drone was noticed flying about the aircraft maintenance zone, that was clicking pictures of the fuselage of the aircraft. 

Benefits of Drone Mechanism

Experts in the industry have noted a number of benefits of utilizing the drone mechanism for aircraft maintenance tasks lately. One such benefit is that the drones will be able to assist in the maintenance of aircraft even in the remotest locations. 

Of course, the drone system also helps in reducing the time consumed in manual inspections and allows the company to focus on other essential tasks too. The drone is known to capture as many as 2000 images of the fuselage that the airline analyzes to check the areas in detail. 

Earlier, using drones near the locations of air travel in Brazil or any other country was considered not safe as the done may lead to accidents. But now it is realized that with controlled usage of drones, a lot of benefits can be achieved. When the drones hover over the maintenance area of the aircraft, a better picture of the entire situation can be captured which helps in alerting about any damage much faster than manual inspection. This helps the airline company to take much faster actions to deal with something that can cause trouble later on.