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As new safety regulations are being set up for air travel across the globe, the number of flights flying between different countries is also slowly increasing. One such air connection that is soon getting developed is between the two locations of Cairo in Egypt and Sao Paulo in Brazil

According to the recent update, The Secretary for Strategic Affairs of Brazil mentioned about the upcoming direct flight service that is about to connect both the destinations soon, in a press conference that was held in Cairo. 

The Invitation for Investment in Egypt

The Secretary for Strategic Affairs of Brazil is currently on a tour of different Arab countries and is inviting different countries to arrive and invest in different business opportunities flourishing in Brazil. Egypt is one of the major countries that Brazil was targeting for getting investments through business. 

Also, the Egyptian Prime Minister has noticed opportunities for further business investment in Brazil and has accepted the invitation. Egypt already has a good trade ground in Brazil and is planning for having even more opportunities now. Based on such collaboration, there will be direct flights soon from Egypt for trade-related air travel in Brazil. Even Egypt has already thought of a business plan that will be beneficial for both countries in the long run. 

The Future of Trade in Brazil

As currently, Egypt has nodded its head toward increasing trade relationships with Brazil, and it is estimated that many other Arab countries will also establish such relationships soon with Brazil. 

As of now, based on the current ongoing trade relations, Egypt was the third-largest trading country in Brazil. But with the new opportunities and the new collaborations that were already taking place over the last few months, Egypt has now prospered to rank one from three. Of course, with the direct flight service that is starting, the revenue figures are also going to prosper. 

Brazil is looking forward to other Arab countries also for trading purposes and is expecting some more countries to rely upon the trading grounds and system of Brazil as Egypt did. Of course, Brazil is also coming up with new regulations and ideas that will be attracting the other countries also soon for the purpose of investment and trading. As of now, Sao Paulo is getting quite busy for trading purposes, it is estimated that many other airports in Brazil will also get busy as more countries will start trading with the country.