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As Brazil is recovering from the situation of sir restrictions from different parts of the world, several airlines are coming up with different operations for the passengers. Recently, LATAM Airlines Brazil has planned to add up as many as 3000 new flights to serve both national and international passengers. 

Meeting the Peak Season of July

The month of July is considered to be a vacation month as schools in different areas remain closed for summer vacation, especially in the South American region. Hence, travelers from such areas visit places like Brazil for holiday purposes.

Also, during the month of July, Brazil organizes a number of events and festivals to boost tourism in the country. Some of the eminent festivals that are being organized during this season are the music festivals in Rio de Janerio and others. 

Many Brazilian airlines take advantage of such festivals and introduce different flight schedules for the passengers in Brazil and also for those who are arriving from outside the country. LATAM is also planning trips, according to vacations, and has introduced a huge number of flights for different passengers in and outside of Brazil. 

LATAM Introduces 3000 new Flights

By now, already LATAM is flying to a number of domestic airports in Brazil, in comparison to the airports that it was flying to before the start of the Covid pandemic. Of coure, there was a reduction in the number of flights that were operating during the covid pandemic time, when many other airline companies were also facing losses. But LATAM soon happened to recover from its crisis situation as soon as Brazil started its air operations. 

Earlier, not just the international flights but also the domestic air travel in Brazil was hampered during the pandemic. But soon, the country came up with several regulations to manage the situation well and curb the spread of the infection in the country. Now, the health regulators have also permitted the start of in-flight services that can be carried on with proper safety regulations. Hence, operations are coming back to a normal track. 

This has led many airlines to increase their regular flights and LATAM is one of them that is increasing its flights on a regular basis. Currently, LATAM has extended not just its domestic flights to different cities in Brazil but also has added flights to several international airports such as Buenos Aires, Orlando, Miami, and Santiago. It is estimated that the number of flights will be increased even more in the coming months.