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With the world going digital fast enough, all the airports across the world are also quite ready to integrate teh digital biometrics systems into their operations. As per a recent record, as many as 64% of the total airports across the globe will get biometrics integrated into their operations by the end of the year 2023. Some of the eminent countries that are fast taking steps towards this system are Brazil, Singapore, the UK, and many others. 

Face Recognition for Smooth Operations

While different countries are working on different usage of biometrics, Brazil is all set to start its face recognition operations soon. Two eminent airports in Brazil will get digital technologies for boarding in the form of face recognition. 

While air travel in Brazil has started to spike up, there is still hesitation in people regarding their safety concerns. The situation is the same in many other countries too. Hence, it is estimated that with the introduction of the new biometric system, such hesitations will go away. While the dependency on the staff will reduce and at the same time the possibility of getting a touchless service will be integrated. 

Also, with such a system, the authorities will be able to keep an eye on all the passengers even better and that too all the time till the passengers do not leave the airport. 

The Plan of Biometrics in Brazil:

Serpro and Infraero worked together to come up with the concept of biometric possibilities in Brazil. According to their plan, the air bridge serving the Congonhas airport and Santos Dumont airport will be equipped with a face recognition system. This system will not just be for the passengers but also for the crew who will be serving on the flights. 

The system will work on an innovative concept where the passengers do not have to show their photo identity everything at the airport. All they need to do is to register their photo on the system in advance and as they enter the airport premises, the cameras installed in different parts of the airport will recognize the passenger based on the photo registered. 

This system will offer hassle-free service and also will speed up the boarding process. Of course, this contactless process will be helpful also to keep safe against the covid spread too. 

The work on the system has already started as it is being planned that the final systems will be implemented in the airports by the month of July this year.