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As slowly covid restrictions are getting a bit easy, different airlines are resuming back to their services in Brazil. After Azul Airlines, it is the LATAM that has resumed its flight services in the country in the mid of May 2022. The airline has also announced that it will be soon resuming back its on-board services too in the coming month. 

The Ease of Restrictions in Brazil

The Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency Anvisa announced a few days back that all the domestic Brazilian airlines can start serving on-board services to the passengers now. Following the announcement, most domestic airlines are planning to resume back their onboard services to offer the right amount of comfort and convenience to their passengers. 

The Agency has pointed out some essential rules based on which the airlines can actually serve the passengers. So, all the airlines will be following the rules and will be starting their services soon. 

Onboard Service of LATAM

LATAM Airlines Brazil has announced that it will resume its onboard services for passengers from 1st June 2022. According to their latest announcements, the airlines will be serving free food and refreshments to the passengers of the domestic flights. 

Also, the airlines will be serving the passengers depending on two different factors.

  • The time of the day, that is morning flight, afternoon flight, or evening flight.
  • The class in which the passengers are traveling, that is Economy or Premium Economy. 

There will be a wide range of options such as sweets, snacks, and a number of beverages such as water, juices, soft drinks, and coffee. 

Increasing Domestic Airlines Services in Brazil

Domestic air travel in Brazil is soon increasing as the restrictions of covid have been eased up. LATAM itself has estimated that in the upcoming month of June, it will be operating as many as 542 daily flights. Similarly, other airlines are also resuming their services in full fledge now. Also, several international flights are also resuming back with special regulations as tourism in Brazil is boosting. 

The airports in Brazil are taking up special care such as they are not allowing passengers who do not have double dose vaccination certification. The authorities are quite strict to check through the documents of the passengers in order to keep the covid situation in control. 

Brazil has seen bad situations in tourism and air travel due to covid restrictions. Now, it is reviving in a much-planned way so that it does not have to fall back again.