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After Gol and Azul, it was now LATAM Airlines Brasil’s turn to launch the stopover service at Guarulhos and Congonhas airports. The new option was announced on Monday ( December 2) by the company’s CEO, Jerome Cadier, at the Bandeirantes Palace, in São Paulo (SP), with Governor João Doria and the Secretary of Tourism, Vinicius Lummertz.

Starting this month, LATAM passengers wishing to extend their connection on or off domestic and international travel can stay in the city for up to three days at no additional charge.

“The stopover represents a new step forward for the generation of the tourist movement here in the state of São Paulo, more specifically in the capital. The largest international gateway to the country is Guarulhos International Airport, succeeded by Viracopos Airport. Now, with the stopover, the economy of São Paulo gains with more tourism, more frequent occupation of hotels and services in the capital, ”said the Governor.

The new service can be selected through the company’s website, where the customer must select the option “stopover in São Paulo” in the purchase box. Then you have to choose whether you want to make the stop on the way out or back, and the length of stay in the “duration” field. From there, just continue the step-by-step to finalize the purchase of tickets.

“The partnership with the São Paulo State Government allows us to collaborate with the development of business and leisure tourism, connecting São Paulo inside and outside the country. Latam brings to this project a powerful product. Our air network allows passengers to enjoy wide connectivity on international and domestic flights. We are the only company that allows passengers to connect, for example, from Bauru to Tel Aviv with a stop to see the various attractions of the capital, ”said Cadier.

“This is another positive result of the São Paulo Pra Todos program, which has among its commitments the promotion of stopover throughout the state. By offering tourists the chance to make a stop, we give them time to get to know the city and even visit other destinations. This can further stimulate tourism in São Paulo, which already grew 7.7% in the first half and more than 10% in September alone, far above the entire economy of the country, ”said Lummertz.

Sao Paulo For Everyone

Launched in February, the São Paulo Para Todos (Sao Paulo For Everyone) program reduced the ICMS tax rate on aviation kerosene in the state from 25% to 12%. According to industry studies, fuel accounts for around 40% of companies’ total operating cost.

With the reduction of the tax, the Government of São Paulo asked for compensation to increase the flow of landings and takeoffs within the state, especially in cities that were not yet served by regular trade lines. As a result, more than 700 new weekly frequencies have already been announced in São Paulo, of which 605 are in operation, according to the Brazilian Airlines Association (ABEAR).