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Latam started offering Wi-Fi on board its aircraft on flights 
through Brazil and, soon, on routes departing from the 
country to destinations in Latin America. The system is part
of the Latam Play platform, which aims to bring together 
in a single channel connectivity features and an unparalleled
variety of content.

Initially, Latam will operate nine A319 aircraft equipped with 
the system, flying through Brazil, and by the end of 2018 will
have Wi-Fi installed in about 30 Airbus A320 family aircraft 
(A319 and A320) operating within Brazil and on flights linking
the country to Latin America.

"We are happy to bring this news to our customer in Brazil.
It is part of all the transformation of our experience on 
board and seeks to give the option to the passenger who wants
to be connected at all times. More than just Wi-Fi, it's a 
complete  entertainment platform, "said Jerome Cadier, CEO
of Latam Airlines Brazil. The internet service will also
gradually reach the other markets where Grupo Latam Airlines
operates, on dates to be communicated in a timely manner.

Latam Play:
The Latam Play platform can be accessed on a personal mobile
device with IOS or Android operating system. The application 
offers passengers access to more than 80 movies, more than 
300 series, more than 2,800 songs, access to the flight map, 
daily news, programming for children and the contents of “Vamos”,
the publication of Latam considered the best vehicle by the 
Content Marketing Awards of 2017.

The Latam Play application is available through the online stores
of Apple Store or Google Play and must be downloaded prior to
the flight. For customers who had already installed the old Latam
Entertainment application, the migration to the new platform 
happened automatically for mobile devices with this update 
function already enabled.

"In the coming months, we will continue to enhance this complete
experience in LATAM Play, which is already debuting with a base
of 4 million app downloads in the countries where we operate.
The third phase of evolution of our on-board entertainment
platform will be live TV, which will come to provide even more
autonomy and options to our passengers, "says Eduardo Costa,
Senior Directo of Customer Experience and Marketing of the 
Latam Airlines Group.