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Prevention is always better than cure. LATAM Airlines Brazil has proved this phrase true with its recent incident. The airline has rejected the takeoff of its flight number Airbus A321-200, which was about to fly between the locations Forteleza and Rio de Janeiro. The airline rejected the takeoff of the flight as soon as it came across the information of the flight having an engine failure. 

The Incident

It was on 28th May 2022 when the flight LATAM A321-200 was about to fly from runway 13 of Fortaleza International Airport. The flight was ready for takeoff and was about to fly to one of the popular Brazilian airports in Rio Janeiro. The department time was at 18:08 but soon the crew members of the flight called off the takeoff midway. 

Soon, the crew members announced that the takeoff of the flight has been stopped due to an engine failure in the flight. Surely, this was a great move taken by the crew members as continuing with the takeoff in such a situation could have led to an accident, costing the lives of so many passengers. 

Finally, another flight was arranged and the flight reached its destination about 6.5 hours later than the scheduled landing. Though there was a delay in the whole operation, it saved the passengers and the crew members of the aircraft from a major accident that could have taken place otherwise. 

About the Flight

The aircraft A321-200 has a history of operating just with the LATAM Airlines Brazil. It has a capacity of holding as many as 220 passengers in its cabin. 

The aircraft operates on the engine model V2500 and it was manufactured by the well-known company International Aero Engines. Among 299 aircraft that LATAM has at present, about 49 aircraft are Airbus 321-200. 

After the incident, the aircraft was soon taken off service and sent to maintenance work. According to the sources, the repair and maintenance work got completed within a time span of 17 hours, and the aircraft has returned back to its operations once again. 

Accidents taking place on air routes is not a new thing. But such accidents can always be ignored if the crew members are alert enough to know the fault in the aircraft beforehand. The crew members of LATAM in Brazil have shown such alertness and have made sure to save the passengers of air travel in Brazil from a major accident.