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LATAM Airlines Group informed that between March 19 and 21, the company repatriation effort operated 19 international flights, which benefited 3,370 stranded passengers.

The company estimates that by March 23, that number will rise to over seven thousand passengers, and more flights are being scheduled constantly, n response to the large number of passengers left far from their homes, because of cancelled flights.

LATAM is working with authorities in many different countries to obtain extraordinary operational permits to be able to fly to those airports, and repatriate those passengers due to the global health crisis caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

There has been passengers from many Latin American countries, North America, Europe.

To facilitate the contact with people who need to return home, the company made available a form on the website for them to fill in their data. LATAM will contact its passengers progressively as the date for special repatriation flights approaches


Flights operated to date:

March 19:

  • LA1164 Rapa Nui-Santiago
  • LA2500 Santiago-Lima

March 20:

  • LA1164 Rapa Nui-Santiago
  • LA1162 Rapa Nui-Santiago
  • LA9450 São Paulo-Lima
  • LA9451 Lima-São Paulo
  • LA9455 London-São Paulo
  • LA1137 Miami-Bogotá
  • LA1137 Bogotá-Santiago
  • LA2489 Miami-Lima
  • LA1120 Sydney-Santiago
  • LA1116 Santiago-Cusco
  • LA1115 Cusco-Santiago
  • LA9461 Santa Cruz-São Paulo
  • LA1232 Santiago-Punta Cana