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The company announced, will start to allow customers to keep their mobile devices connected even during takeoffs and landings, provided that put them in airplane mode.

The airline said that some national lines already begin to allow it as of today and until the end of January, all flights within Brazil will be on the list. The company’s international flights are only suitable for the new rule in March.

Interestingly, besides the Gol – which already allows the use of electronics in airplane mode during the flight since July 2015 – only TAM has permission from ANAC to provide this facility to customers. Azul, Avianca, Passaredo and Sete did not comment on the matter.

By app

TAM customers will benefit even more with this news because the company’s new entertainment system is based on the use of particular devices such as tablets and smartphones. There is a private Wi-Fi system in aircraft that lets you watch free movies, series and even videos from some YouTube channels for the company’s app.

Many foreign companies have already allowed the use of cell phones and other handheld in airplane mode all the time basing their actions in a US study from 2013. In the USA, the rule applied to all companies, but it seems that in Brazil, there must have a specific and individual permit from ANAC.