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Recently, a major debate and controversy is going on over free baggage allowance in domestic as well as international air travel in Brazil. Recently, the president of Brazil also has offered his vote against establishing back the free baggage allowance for not just domestic as well as international flights in Brazil. 

The Concept of Voos Simples

The concept of Voos Simples was created for maintaining the regulations of Brazilian airports and to maintain smooth operations. According to the concept, a number of regulations were set such as offering free baggage allowance for domestic and international flights. The concept also introduced regulations to ban unruly passengers directly who caused trouble for other passengers or caused hindrance in the operations of the airport or the airline company. 

The Controversy

When the matter of re-establishing the free baggage allowance came up, major Brazilian airlines came in protest against this regulation. Even after such an issue, the Chamber of Deputies and Senators of Brazil approved this regulation and passed it for the approval of the president of Brazil. 

But the president of Brazil also came against this regulation and offered logical reasoning for his disagreement with this regulation. One of the major reasons that he mentioned was that allowing free baggage allowance will automatically lead to an increase in flight ticket prices. Also, he further mentioned that this regulation can even violate the regulations stated on international grounds. 

On the other hand, one of the senators of Rio de Janerio mentioned that there is no point that the free baggage allowance will lead to an increase in flight tickets because the flight ticket pricing does not include charges such as baggage. Though the charges will be on the passengers only but there is no such link between the allowance and the price of the tickets. 

Now when the president has gone against the regulation, this regulation will be again evaluated by the National Congress of Brazil. 

The regulation of Voos Simples has been there since 2017 and the regulations are forcefully imposed on the airline companies. Initially, it was estimated that the ticket costs may drop but it was noticed that actually, the prices increased over time. Now, as different people have different ideologies towards this regulation, a lot of debates are going on over it. 

According to major airlines such as LATAM and GOL, establishing such a regulation may take the country backward. So, it is yet to see what the leaders of the country decide over this regulation of free baggage allowance.