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Azul Linhas Aereas is slowly recovering its air routes not just within Brazil but also on the international routes. After the introduction of several such international routes, the airline company is also increasing the number of flights on different routes. One such example is the air travel between Campinas, Brazil, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

The Increase in Flights between Campinas and Fort Lauderdale

Azul Airlines is all set to increase its number of flights on the route between Campinas and Fort Lauderdale lately. According to this newly built plan, Azul will be operating as many as 11 flights per week between these two destinations. 

The flights will start on 1st July 2022 and the 11 flights per week plan will last for a year. Though the current plan will be lasting for a year currently, there are chances that the airline company may increase the number of flights between the two destinations in the forthcoming years or so. 

Different Brazilian airlines are trying their best to recover the damages that have been done due to the closure of several international routes during the pandemic time. This plan is also a part of this thought only where the airline companies in Brazil are using different tactics to recover their international air routes and also recover the financial situations. 

Which Flights will Fly between Campinas and Fort Lauderdale?

Azul has announced that it will be operating with Airbus A330-900neo and Airbus A330-200 on the route from Campinas to Fort Lauderdale and vice versa. The Airbus A330-200 will be flying with about 271 passengers while the Airbus A330-900neo will have a capacity of carrying 298 passengers. Thus, with such huge capacity flights, and 11 operations on a weekly basis, Azul will be able to carry a huge number of passengers between the two destinations of Brazil and Florida. 

Before the pandemic, way back in the year 2019, Azul already connected Brazil with different countries across the world. But it was during this pandemic that a lot of countries such as the USA banned travel to and from Brazil. 

As soon as these countries removed such bans, the airline companies in Brazil such as Azul, LATAM Airlines Brazil, and others started establishing connections for international routes soon. Azul has plans to start its operations from different Brazilian airports to New York City, but the planning is still due. Hopefully, the airline company may start with these operations soon in the future.