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Art is a way to express imagination, this imagination can be shown anywhere, and what if the canvas is airplane? Yes you heard it right we have created a list of top airplanes which are creative beyond your imagination. These are not your regular aircraft, but these are the canvas used by painters from across the globe to show their creativity. When we saw these big bird we come to an conclusion that it is not always mandatory that airplanes must have classic white color with just a company logo. But can be something silly as mentioned below we have collected and created is something unimaginable, and we want you to also take a look at these crazy fun aircraft.

1. Duncan Aviation M2 charter:


This is the modern art charter launched by Duncan aviation company, this is something never seen before M2 charter jet. With this piece of craft Duncan proved that you can do whatever you like with exterior of aircrafts. Duncan ditched the oldschool plain white color and opted vibrant neon green shade with colorful splashes on the green base to craft this aircraft. This creativity probabaly took a lot of care and time of the company.

2. Kulula Air Jet:


This jet is part of Kulula aviation company, it is south Africa aviation company. The jet is painted brigjht green with “FLYING 101” Written on it. The moto behind using FLYING 101 is to let passengers know what is what on the plane they are in. Kulula says we are going to attempt to answer all those question which comes in passengers mind they fly everytime in a jet.

3. Nok Air Jet


Is it a Duck? or a big bird? or both, This jet belongs to Nok Air aviation company based in Thailand, It is a low cost aviation company, which run many jets like this. Nok Air is famous in news for one of the best avaition company with the best exterior. Honestly speaking, who will not love to travel in this beautiful masterpiece.

4. AL Nippon star war Jet:


Are you crazy about Star Wars, the this jet is the right ride for you. This star war painted Jet belongs to five star Japanese airway company called AL Nippon Airways. This one is complete tribute to star wars film franchise. The are made with star war logos on the tail. So what are you waiting for go ahead may the force be with you.

5. Kingfisher Tiger Plane:


Owner of this charter plane is Vijay Mallia who was the owner of Kingfisher airline gropup. It is a Charter plane painted as tiger. It is flying tiger in sky and Roaring tiger on ground.

6. AL Nippon Pokemon Jet:


AL Nippon is again in our list for its innovative work. The company launched this jet after the success of Pokeman cartoon series, and it is operational since 90’s . The first plane of this series was presented in 1998 and just a few week after the first one the company decided to launche few more, but unfortunatly they dont fly anymore.

7.Japan Airline Despicable Jet:


The plane is owned by Japanese airline company named as Japan Ailrine co. Ltd. It is not a promotion for the movie, but it is commercial fir Despicable Me minion Mayhem ride that is in the Minion park at universal studio in Japan.

8.Rossia plus Amur Tiger Boeing:


This plane is painted as Tiger and it represents the collaboration of Rossia Airlines and Amur Tiger center. This plan is especially created in order to save Amur tiger and Leopards. It is actually a Boeing 747 with Amur tiger on the nose. The plane is created by using 500 KG paint and the picture is painted freehand by expert artists.

9.Polar Bear Jets:


Smiling polar bear on front face of airplane is simply happiness. There are a lot of companies thta have polar bear on their plane including Canadian air, Alaska air or frontier airlines.

10.Kulula Air camo Jet:


Once again Kulula air is in our list. Like the above one this one is also painted green but with a diffrent pattern. The pattern used by the company this time is Camo. The plane is written with a quote “No one saw us coming”. Good sense og humor though.

11.China Eastern Toy story Plane:


another creative cartoon inspired jet in our list is this toy story plane. The palne is result of collabration between China easter airlines and toy story franchise. The cartoon character thinks that he can fly in the movie, but actually he can’t so this collaboration made him fly with the help of this plane. Also the plane is written with a quote ” This is falling, with style on itself.

12.Airbus Beluga:


This palne has a outlook just like a Belgua Whale. This was the biggest carrier plane in the world like whale is the biggest mammal on planet. It is painted white with face of Beluga whale crafted on cockpit. It is extremely large which make this very comfortable for passengers and crew.

13.GOL PR-GUO: The proud owner of this plane is GOL Linhas Aereas Interligentes S.A. Ailrine comapny. The palne is tribute to game of soccer, it is also known as PR-GUO. During worldcup 2014 this plane carried Brazilian footbal team. it is purely painted yello which is also the color of Brazilian footbal jersey.

14.Brussel Ailrine Aerosmurf: Aerosmurf is 5th Belgian symbol of Brussel airline. Their tag line is we will fly you to home of smurfs. They also say that Cartoonist Peyo is winning hear of both childrens and adults of 60 years. This is why Their airbus A320 with registeration number 00-SND will take the smurfs to the new heights. beside of smurfs here are Gargamel and Azrael, too. Flying with this plane is real adventure majorly for kids.

Not only these, but there are lot more flying canvas around the world, which are simply made to catch the eyeballs. So what are you waiting for cope the fear of flying by choosing these crazy rides.