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Brazilian largest aviation company GOL decided to introduce new facilities for the customers, who are paying higher to travel with the airlines, GOL, it is created on January 15, 2001 and it’s headquarter is located in Sao Paulo Brazil, it is the major name in Brazil Aviation companies. The company is headed by Constantino de Oliveira Junior, who is the heir of the golden mining group which is one of the largest passenger transport group of Brazil.

The company is started with the concept of low fare, but unfortunately was unsuccessful to stick with the concept for longer, Now the company is planning to  introduce new facilities for the customers, under which airlines will detain middle seats for higher paying customers, in order to give them comfort. Not only this company is also planning to launch nonstop flights to Miami and Orlando from Fortaleza and Brasilia in coming November, for this GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes will use Boeing 737 Max 8 jets on the route of Fortaleza in northeastern Brazil and from the capital Brasilia to Miami and Orlando.

Gol operates Boeing 737 like southwestern airlines use to do in The U.S., in order to make its premium economy more attractive for passengers the airline will block middle seats by using a table. Fares of premium economy may vary but according to a recent report the fare of flight between Orlando and Fortaleza on GOL website showed $636 for economy seats on round trip, which is more than double as compared to cheapest coach class fare. In premium economy legroom space is extended to 34 inches as compared to regular economy which is 31 inches.

Now, Gol is relying on consumer and trying to convert them in premium economy so that the cost of fuel can be generated. No further expansion in GOL route is estimated now other than Florida. Brazil is third biggest in terms of foreign tourism after Canada and United Kingdom.

On the other hand, GOL CFO say the company is also planning to join hands with its minority shareholder Delta airline group, but how much time it will take is not estimated. Delta has 9.5 % shares in GOL and both the companies have a code sharing agreement, which means they can sell each other flights. This joint venture can allow airlines to share revenues, profits and schedules. But one of Delta spokesperson revels that they have no such news of joint venture with GOL.