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Brazil is known for its dramatic views, exciting lifestyle, and breathtaking culture to enjoy. A lot of people from different parts of the world travel to Brazil to enjoy all such elements. Even the number of domestic tourists in the country from one city to another is also quite high. 

The traveling of citizens from one city to another has become much more convenient due to the number of domestic airlines in Brazil that are known to offer the best services. Here is a list of the top domestic Brazilian airlines that makes domestic tourism so comfortable even after the pandemic condition that shook the aviation industry of the country. 

Azul Linhas Aereas

When you talk about the top airline companies prevailing in Brazil, one of the prominent names that come up is that of Azul Airlines. While a lot of airline companies got shattered during the pandemic, it was Azul that has shown remarkable recovery in the last 1 year. Even, this year, the airline company has crossed the number of travelers that it carried way back in the year 2019, that is before the start of the pandemic. Currently, Azul has recovered almost 85% of its losses. 

LATAM Brazil

LATAM Airlines Brazil is offering tough competition recently to the top airline company in Brazil, Azul. One of the fantastic things to observe about LATAM is that it not only recovered from the Chapter 11 bankruptcy situation but also managed to recover the losses that it faced during the pandemic times. As of now, LATAM is in full recovery mode and has even left behind Azul in terms of carrying the highest number of passengers in the country. Apart from working on domestic air travel in Brazil, LATAM is also recovering well with its international routes to and from Brazil. 

GOL Linhas Aereas

Though GOL Airlines is not able to recover as much as Azul and LATAM did, it is still managing well in comparison to other airlines. The airline company seriously had a tough time during the pandemic and it may take some time to recover completely from the impacts. As of now, it has recovered about 73% from the pandemic impacts which is not as good as Azul and LATAM but still a decent percentage. 

These are the top domestic airline companies in Brazil that serve domestic as well as international passengers. Of course, these airlines were also impacted by the recent pandemic but they have recovered quite well.