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Recently, a major step is being taken in terms of security in special international Brazilian airports such as the Belo Horizonte International airport. The authorities of Brazilian aviation have made some major changes in order to improve the baggage checking system in the airports, especially the international airports in the country. 

The Need to make changes in Baggage Security:

Way back in the year 2001, a major terrorist attack took place that was named as 9/11 terrorist attack. The attack came up as a threat not just in the US but also in different other parts of the country. 

Brazil was a bit lenient recently in the baggage checking system for domestic air travel in Brazil. But as new international routes are opening up, the risk of such terrorist attacks is in the mind of the Brazilian Government also. 

Hence, the Civil Aviation Authority of Brazil is introducing new baggage security regulations for international as well as domestic passengers from August 2023. This change in the security system is due to the rising terrorist threats across the world and to combat such cases while operating international routes smoothly to and from Brazil. 

The New Baggage Security Regulations

As airline companies such as Azul Airlines are getting connected to different international destinations across the world through new international routes, the Civil Aviation Authority of Brazil has come up with a new challenge of managing baggage security in the right way to avoid any threats. 

Thus, a number of regulations are being introduced that will soon come into action from the mid of next year. Earlier, Brazil stopped the usage of screening baggage for domestic routes. Now, when the international routes are getting started with the help of many Brazilian airlines, new baggage security regulations are also getting introduced in which screening through X-ray machines will be a major introduction. 

Also, the authorities are introducing an automated baggage security system so that there is no delay in the baggage delivery to the passengers after the landing of the flights. Also, it has been noticed that the automated system will be more efficient in managing the baggage in a much better way than human management. Often human management not just leads to errors but also damages several bags. This can be avoided with the help of an automated system that will make sure to offer a proper result of the baggage security and will also handle the baggage in an efficient way.