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On 11th June 2022, the very first flight of GOL Linhas Aereas landed on the grounds of Mendoza after flying from Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Similar to many other international flights, the international routes of GOL Airlines were also interrupted by the covid pandemic. But GOL has been resuming back on its international routes now and the flight to Mendoza is one of them. 

GOL resumes flights between Sao Paulo and Mendoza

GOL resumed its international route to Mendoza in Argentina after about 27 months of the pandemic. Earlier to this route, GOL has already established its international destination in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and now Mendoza is its second destination here. 

The airline has been establishing many of its international routes to and from Brazil like many other airline companies in Brazil such as Azul Airlines and others. Domestic air travel in Brazil was also interrupted during the pandemic period but it got recovered at a much faster rate. The only challenge that still remains is the recovery of the international routes. But as the airlines are introducing different international routes across the world slowly, it seems that soon the international routes will also get recovered in the next year or so. 

The Connection between Brazil and Argentina

Not just GOL, but many other airlines such as LATAM Airlines Brazil have been also establishing their international routes between Brazil and Argentina. Different destinations in Argentina such as Buenos Aires and Mendoza are some of the high-demand and top-priority spots that are visited quite often by people from Brazil and many other countries. Hence, establishing international routes to such destinations in Argentina is extremely efficient. 

While flights for Buenos Aires and Mendoza have already started, it is planned that GOL will start its flights to another destination Rosario in Argentina by the end of this year. 

Brazil, ready for international routes

Apart from the major international airport in Sao Paulo in Brazil, many airline companies are also planning for flying to different international destinations from other major airports in Brazil also such as Rio de Janerio. 

Airline companies like GOL and LATAM have even plans for getting connected to many other international destinations such as Cordoba in Spain by November 2022. With such introductions, it is quite obvious that Brazil air travel is slowly recovering its international routes too. Of course, different airline companies in the country have a major role to play in the recovery of the international routes of the country.