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Recently, the Civil Aviation National Agency of Brazil has come up with a statistical report on the recovery of air travel in Brazil post covid pandemic. As the year 2022 still is mid-way, the agency has released a complete recovery report for the year 2021 so that a comparison can be done for understanding the facts and figures well. 

An Overall Recovery Statistics

The country is recovering pretty well from the harsh impacts of the pandemic that has hit the entire world in the year 2020. The aviation industry of Brazil has made a recovery of about 56.5% in the year 2021 when compared to the year 2020. As stated in the figures, in the year 2021, the aviation industry of Brazil was able to carry as many as 67.37 million passengers, as soon as the world started coming back to normal after the pandemic lockdown conditions. 

Domestic recovery vs International recovery

It is quite interesting to notice that a high chunk of the overall recovery was contributed by the domestic aviation of the country. Among 67 million passengers, as many as 63 million passengers traveled through different domestic Brazilian airlines. In the year 2019, there were 95 million passengers who were traveling through domestic airlines in the country. This showed that the aviation industry made a recovery of 65.7% on domestic grounds. 

But the situation is not the same in the case of international travel. As some of the major countries such as the USA banned travel to and from Brazil, this impacted the international routes in a huge way. So, only 4 million passengers traveled on the international routes. There were 24 million passengers traveling internationally way back in the year 2019, making it a recovery of just 19.5%. 

The Recovery Continues

While the report shows the recovery statistics for the year 2021, Brazil is still on its path to recovery. Some of the top players in the aviation industry in the country such as Azul, GOL, and others are coping well and are increasing their number of passengers with each passing time. 

Not just domestic travel, recently the country has also noticed a drastic recovery in international travel too. After the ban on Brazil was lifted up, airline companies such as LATAM Airlines Brazil took initiative to restore different international routes that are actually working well and will be soon offering positive results in the long run.