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Whitejets is changing its name and business model. Know as a charter operator, the company is changing its name to a “more Brazilian name”, and the next step is to obtain the required licenses to become a regular carrier. Until then the carrier prepares to start its charter operations on April 16.


The goal is to become a “more popular” airline, thus the name PopBrasil. The company is bringing four additional airplanes (B737-300, 737-400, 767-200 e 767-300), which will be added to the already in operation A320.
The company’s first route will be Manaus, Brasilia and Sao Paulo.  When the new airplanes are added to the fleet, the company will start serving Belo Horizonte, Campo Grande, Natal and Fortaleza. With the larger B767 they plan to operate charters to Orlando, USA during the high season period.