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American Airlines is resuming some of its flights between Brazil and the United States for May, June, and July. Some of the operations will return with daily frequencies, and others will vary between three, four, five, or six times a week.

From October, flights between São Paulo (Guarulhos) and Los Angeles will be made four times a week and, to Miami, daily. Between Brasilia and Miami, there will also be five weeks in October. The daily operations between Rio de Janeiro (Galeao), New York and Miami, will return from December and January, respectively.

Check out the following chronogram:

AA906 São Paulo (Guarulhos) -Miami: 6 times a week starting May 8, until June 2
AA930 São Paulo (Guarulhos) -Miami: daily from June 4
AA906 São Paulo (Guarulhos) -Miami: daily from October 25
AA956 São Paulo (Guarulhos) -Miami: daily from October 26

AA950 São Paulo (Guarulhos) -New York (JFK): daily from June 5
AA904 Rio Galeão-Miami: daily from June 5

AA962 São Paulo (Guarulhos) -Dallas / Fort Worth: 3 times a week from July 8; daily from October 24

AA216 São Paulo (Guarulhos) -Los Angeles (LAX): 4 times a week starting on October 25

AA214 Brasília-Miami: 5 times a week from October 26 to December 20; daily from December 21st

AA974 Rio Galeão-New York (JFK): daily starting on December 17

AA990 Rio Galeão-Miami: daily starting on January 8

AA964 Manaus-Miami: daily from June 4 to August 17; from 18 August, 5 times a week; from October 26, 6 times a week; daily from December 21st

American Airlines amid the COVID-19 crisis

American Airlines had reduced its international capacity by 75% on a year-over-year basis. The changes resulted in the airline parking nearly its entire widebody fleet.

The airline had also anticipated its domestic capacity in April would be reduced by 20% on a year-over-year basis.