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With the drop in demand for travel, restrictions on the movement of people imposed by governments and the stoppage of more than 90% of the fleets of national airlines, the air cargo sector, which used to use the cargo compartments of passenger planes, was unguarded. Based on the need to guarantee the transport of essential goods or not, the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) made available on Friday (4/10) the consultation of the list of air taxi companies authorized to provide specialized cargo service, dangerous and aeromedical article.

The measure aims to facilitate the contractor to identify companies authorized to perform services that are in high demand, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), such as the transport of hospital articles, laboratory samples, alcohol load gel, and liquid, among others.

Cargo transportation by air taxi companies was authorized on an emergency basis by ANAC on March 27, through Ordinance No. 880. Currently, around 210 companies are certified by ANAC to provide the air taxi service. The authorizations granted by ANAC will last 180 days.

Consult the list of air taxi companies and find out which categories of transport they are authorized to perform. The file contains information about the companies by state, address and telephone number.


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