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Avianca Brasil will fly daily from São Paulo to Miami and Santiago. The new international connections come to add to the Fortaleza-Bogota flight. The aircraft will be an A330-200 with 206 passengers in economy class (aircraft configuration 2-4-2) and 32 in executive. The flight to Miami starts on June 23 and is now on sale on all Avianca Brasil channels. It will take off from Guarulhos at 11:55 pm and will land in the United States at 7:25 am.

On the return it leaves Miami at 7:30 p.m. arriving in São Paulo at 5:00 p.m. Local times. “It is one of the best destinations, there is demand, and that is where we are going, where there are many Brazilians living and sightseeing, where there is a Brazilian culture of traveling,” said José Efromovich, founder of Avianca Brasil .

In July, the company will also fly to Santiago with the new A330, at times yet to be announced. “Brazil is the second in the list to send more tourists to Chile, and Santiago is the most popular destination, which justifies this other international route, and we announce at a good moment due to the winter season.”

Avianca Brazil will have, at first, three A330-200. One is already in Brazil and will fly São Paulo-Fortaleza to train its operations with the new equipment. The next two model aircraft will arrive in the coming weeks. The airline should also launch yet another international service this year,”however, we can not reveal,” said President Frederico Pedreira. Avianca Brasil plans to grow from 8% to 10% in revenue in a year filled with these two new routes. “There will be approximately 500 seats available daily in the round trip from Miami and Santiago, which amounts to approximately 250,000 passengers annually on both routes,” Gargioni said. The Avianca Brasil fleet consists of 47 Airbus, which make 230 daily departures.