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The Brazilian low cost Azul Linhas aereas  will launch next week its new regional operator called Azul Conecta, that will have a fleet of 17 Cesna Gran Caravan aircraft.
The Cesna Gran Caravan carries 9 passengers and will fly to 36 destinations across the country.

Azul conecta is born from the acquisition of the small regional airline TwoFlex by Azul Linhas Aereas back in January 2020. TwoFlex’s hangar is located in the city of Jundiai, close to Campinas where it is located Viracopos airport, Azul’s hub. TwoFlex offered regular passenger and cargo services to 39 destinations in Brazil.

Upon the acquisition early this year, the COVID-19 outbreak was still small and unpredictable.
Despite the current world crisis, Azul Linhas Aereas is keeping the plan for launching the new operator.
More details about the new Azul Conecta will be disclosed on August 11, when the brand will be officially launched at Jundiai’s airport.